Knot to Easy…

Knot to Easy…

A while ago I was contacted to work on a custom project for a company that wanted me to make a lot of 4 plait braids with a lot of basic Spanish Ring Knots on them.  While not a technically demanding or mentally challenging project this company would have ordered a lot of them.  These would have been for resale so they’d be paying a wholesale/bulk rate.  I started making a sample and got about an inch and a half into the knots and here’s what I turned up:

braided necklace

Here’s the thing based on my time with the first five knots and extrapolating that out the five inch sample would have cost them around $300 in labor alone! While nothing was hard on this the knots were just a time killer!  Sure I could have cut some corners here and there like not properly anchoring the knots, but then over time they would loosen and slide around.  I could also have simply tied the knots and not gone back to retighten them, but again over time the would become loose and slide around.  So this project was abandoned and this little sample has been kicking around on my desk for a while.  The main reason I’m posting this is that I’m cleaning off my desk and I’m throwing it away, but figured I’d take a picture before it goes in the trash.

The moral of this story is while simple knots aren’t hard they are time suckers!


2 thoughts on “Knot to Easy…

  1. Quick question, is that all one lace? I ask because if I were to do that I would at least attempt to set it up so that where one knot ends, I tuck the lace under one of the plaited strands, and start another knot. It seems to me like that would end up easier than doing it all individually.

    I bet the company was wanting it a bit cheaper than many hundreds if dollars :P

    1. Jeremy,

      because of the specs for the project I couldn’t do it all one lace…also I’ve found knots are faster when you have shorter lengths over longer. With a piece of lace that’s 10 times the length of one knot you spend a lot more time pulling the slack. Where with 10 shorter lengths it much faster.


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