Signal Whip and Pair of Bullwhips

Signal Whip and Pair of Bullwhips

My performing schedule is finally slowing down and I’m getting more whip making time in. I just finished making a three foot eight plait signal whip:

signal whip

This whip is fairly skinny compared to how thick a four foot signal whip would be.  I don’t make a lot of 3 foot signal whips, so this was a fun little project for me.  I’ll have this listed on my IN STOCK whips page shortly.

My currently project is a pair of five foot bullwhips.  For fun I’m making these for as a matched pair instead of simply two bullwhips.   Right now I have the cores cut out and they have grease soaking in:

bullwhips matched pair

Hopefully I’ll have time to get these completed this week.


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