Bullwhip Buyers Beware!

Bullwhip Buyers Beware!

Every now and then I do a quick search on Ebay to see what whips are being sold and one caught my eye a few minutes ago.  Not because it’s an excellent deal, but how uneducated the seller is!  There is so much wrong with this listing, it’s making my head spin!

Does the seller not know who they bought it from?  I’m assuming it’s the original buyer because they are saying it’s only been cracked twice.  If they got it second hand you really couldn’t say that.

Ok, first here’s a link to the listing:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-12-Plait-Australian-Kangaroo-Hide-Bullwhip-Beautiful-/271055846007

Take a look at the pictures on the listing, this is supposed to be a 12 plait 10 foot Terry Jacka bullwhip.  Here’s the description from the ebay listing:


Description:  This is a beautifully crafted 10 foot 12 plait Australian Bullwhip hand crafted by Terry Jacka.  Made from the finest kangaroo leather this is a true work of art and one of a kind item.  The crack is truly thunderous!!

Condition:  This whip has been excellently cared for and is like new.  I’ve only cracked it twice and it has been mostly displayed in a temperature cooled cabinet.  I still have regularly treated it with Pecard’s leather dressing; as recently as last month.  The fall is brand new.

I’ve included PICS that I personally took which are completely accurate. (NOTE: I increased the sharpness to deliver clear images.)

Normally if you were to buy this whip new it would cost $800.00 USD.  I am starting the listing at nearly half that cost.  Buyer assumes all costs for shipping and handling.

Alright, so here’s my little list of what’s wrong with this listing:

1.  It’s not a Terry Jacka Bullwhip, it’s from EM-Brands Bullwhips (Bernie Wojcicki)

2. It’s not LIKE NEW.  The seller claims it’s only been cracked twice, but recently put a new fall on it.  Why would you put a new fall on a whip that’s only been cracked twice?  Did they crack it once, then change the fall?

Also look at the knot in the cracker after only one or two cracks you should be able to get it out pretty easily.  The knot in the cracker makes it not like new because no reputable whip maker would ship a whip with a cracker with a knot in it.  When a cracker has a knot in it you should change it out just like a windshield of a car that has a crack.  You wouldn’t sell a car with broken windshield as new…and you shouldn’t sell a bullwhip with broken cracker as new either.

3. If it’s a Jacka it’s got the wrong cracker on it, unless Terry Jacka has recently changed this he ships with Polypro crackers.  So by it not having the original cracker it’s got a replacment part and not like new.

4.  The listing says it’s 12 plait, it’s 16 plait…count the strands, there are 4 going under each strand in the four seam part of the lash right after the handle.

5. The listing says this bullwhip new would be $800.  I just checked and a 10 foot bullwhip from EM Brand Whips is $590 for 12 plait or $680 for 16plait.  Either way it’s over $100 below the price the seller is saying it would cost new.

Wait, maybe the seller actually thinks it’s a Jacka, what are his prices for a new 10 foot bullwhip.  I thought of that and from Terry Jacka a 10 foot bullwhip is $600 for 12 plait and $650 for 16 plait, or $150 below what the seller thinks it would cost new.


OK those are my main issues with this bullwhip’s listing.  Now it’s not a bad bullwhip, but if someone were to try sell you a used VW Bug and tell you it’s a Porsche and tried to tell you that it was worth more than a new Porsche you’d probably stay away from the seller because the seller doesn’t know what they are talking about.  If they don’t know what make / model of what they have and they are the original owner how can you believe anything they tell you about condition?

Another thing is the seller took a lot of pictures and made sure to make sure they are clear pictures so the buyer knows what they are getting.  However there’s one thing they didn’t take a picture of, the piece of metal on the end of the handle of the whip.  Why wouldn’t you show that?  It’s a decorative piece that Bernie personally hand engraves and the ones that I’ve personally seen look really cool.   I also know that some of them say something like “handmade by Bernie Wojcicki for______” and a whip number.  I wonder if this one is simply decorated or has an engraving with Bernie’s name and the whip number?

All I can say is if you are going to buy or sell a whip do your research and know what you are buying or selling.   An honest description will sell a bullwhip much faster than a misleading one especially from a “known maker” and you’ll end up with the other person on the other end of the transaction much happier!


8 thoughts on “Bullwhip Buyers Beware!

  1. lol so obviously not a jacka :P

    I sent him a message saying to look at the engraved piece on the heel. If he changes it we’ll know he was honestly mistaking. If not then we know he’s saying it’s a jacka to be able to increase the price and make it look like a better deal.

    1. It’s cool that he took it down. However in my opinion if he’s the first owner of the bullwhip then he’s really dumb for not knowing who he bought it from for pulling something shifty.

      If he’s not the first owner of the bullwhip then he’s making a lot of claims about it that are incorrect. The big question for me is why would someone change a fall on a bullwhip that’s only been cracked twice and based on the cracker it’s been cracked at least one after the fall was changed (unless they reused the knotted up cracker). That means they got the whip and immediately changed the fall without cracking it, then cracked it twice. Or they cracked it once, changed the fall then cracked it again. The last scenario is they cracked it two times then changed the fall and put the old knotted up cracker back on it.

      None of those options make any sense to me for a whip in like new condition. I’m very curious if the new listing will show the engraved piece…If I was a gambling man I’d bet a round of beers it’s got Bernie’s name on it.

      But that’s just my opinion on how I see it.


  2. When you’re saying two times, do you literally mean two crackers or two rounds of cracking? I figured he had just meant he’s taken it out two different times for cracking.

    Also when I sent him the message, I mentioned it looking like a Wojcicki and he said “Thank you for pointing that out to me. I’m consolidating my collection and you are absolutely right. This was made for me by Bernie. Complete error on my part. I’ve taken the listing down to revise. Thank you again!”

    Also, mind if I go on a short ebay rant? Check this out:


    I can’t tell you how much I hope that whip doesn’t sell! I sold my fourth whip on ebay ( http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/268/1000736ur.jpg/ ) and while it wasn’t amazing, it was way better than this whip the guy is trying to sell for $355! Mine was an 8 footer, granted, but still, I wouldn’t be willing to spend $200 on that whip much less $355! I mean he’s got really uneven strands ( at least get the strands over the handle uniform, I mean that’s the easiest place right? there’s a strando on the handle that looks be be 2-3mm wide then one next to it that’s about 6! ) He’s got gaps all over the plaiting, and VERY slow taper after the first couple feet, and look at the knots! It looks like he was trying to tie a pineapple knot mixed with a two pass! I’ve done something like that before, but it was actually accomplished properly and looked good, his just look like a mistake and should have been fixed. I don’t mind people selling cheap whips on ebay, I really don’t, but this guy trying to sell a bad overall whip for $355 , and trying to make it seem as if it’s a good whip. Plus, the whip doesn’t look new, like it’s claimed. It looks like it’s been used some, and on dirt at that. The edges of the strands, especially further down the whip, are stained dark, and not the type of staining that is done artificially like on Dusty’s Streets of Cairo whip.
    The sad thing is it will probably sell, and the one that I’ve had up for weeks that actually looks decent and cracks well won’t…

    1. The seller said it’s “only been cracked two times” and a crack is a very specific measure. Here’s and example of a conversation:

      Me: I just did one fast figure 8

      You: Cool how many times did the whip crack?

      Me: It cracked 2 times

      The seller mentioning that they had a whole collection of whip and got confused which whip it was makes their claim that it’s only been cracked two times hard to believe. If they can’t remember who the paid money to for the whip how can a buyer believe that they know how many times they’ve cracked it!


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