Too Much Going On!

Too Much Going On!

I’ve been a very busy boy over here the last few weeks!  I’ve had a 2-3 show per day performing schedule, filling bullwhip orders as they come in and trying to build up stock for two different workshops this week.  Luckily for me next week the two workshops will be over.

Yesterday I has a  couple of orders for stock whip kits come in and I only had one in stock, so I had to make up some more to fulfill the order and to have at least on in stock.  When I make these stock whip kits I need to make at least two (usually three) at a time to make it worth the time to make them.  It takes me about 90 minutes to make one from scratch, but only about 2ish hours to make three of them. So making them in bulk saves me some time!

Here are a couple of them:

Make your own stock whip kit

Currently I have three deluxe beginners bullwhips in the works.  All three have the bellies finished and overlays cut out.  Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have time to do all the strand prep and get at least one them braided!



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