Shorty Bullwhips…

Shorty Bullwhips…

Yesterday I finished up a couple of bullwhips which are 4 feet long and are 4 plait cowhide leather:


They both have a nice crack to them!  These bullwhips are some of the ones that I’m taking with me next weekend when I’m in Corvallis Oregon teaching a beginners bullwhip workshop at the Pacific Northwest Juggling Convention.

I need to “crack the whip” here before I head down and make sure I’ve get some more beginners bullwhips finished by next weekend.  My little sale that I had over the weekend sold three of the whips that I was going to take down there.  That’s not a bad thing and I’d rather sell a bullwhip now rather than maybe sell one later.  However now I have to try to build up a bit more stock in the next week on top of my performing schedule.

Currently I have three Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhips in the works with the cores made and attached (with grease soaking in them) and the bellies cut out.  Today I’ve got a semi full performing day, but hopefully I can get a belly or two finished.

Speaking of performing, if you are in the Seattle area today I’m performing at a small black box theater called the Odd Duck Studio tonight.   I’m headlining this comedy show and I’m planning on featuring my bullwhip act as part of the show.  Show time is 8:30pm and while this isn’t an all ages show, I think it’s a 16years old and up show.  However if you are bringing a teenager contact the venue first because I’m not positive that it’s not an 18 or 21 and up show.

Odd Duck Studio
1214 10th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122


Ticket are $10 and you can get them at the door or at

If you’re around come on out it will be a fun show!


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