Yesterday I shipped out a bullwhip, a cat of nine tails and some handles.  Here’s the Cat of Nine Tails and extra handle:

cat of nine tails

And here’s the bullwhip:


Here’s a close up of the handle:


And  here are a couple of handle:

To make the handles I made them like a complete bullwhip so they have two bellies and two bolsters.  Here’s a rare look at the inside of a bullwhip:


These have shipped out to their new owner.

Up next I have a kangaroo stock whip kit, which is similar to my cowhide stock whip kit, but a bit more advanced and made from kangaroo.  Then I’ll be making an 8 foot 16 plait bullwhip.


2 thoughts on “Whips!

  1. It’s cool when you get to actually hold a whip that has been “cut off” like that. It’s amazing how dense the layers become. When I tap my finger nail on a core, for instance, it sounded like it was it was a desk. And the core of that particular whip was, of all things, 4-4.5 oz tooling cowhide.

    ( had some leather left over from a hide that I had, so that’s what I did with it )

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