The other day shortly after I found out that Tandy Leather Factory has discontinued their kangaroo I got a call from the manager at my local Tandy offering to make a deal with me.  I went out and checked out what he had and he made me a deal I couldn’t turn down, so I came home with some kangaroo:

Veg Tanned Kangaroo

kangaroo for bullwhips


Veg Tanned Kangaroo for whip making

I had to get a lot of this (buy out his stock) to get a sweet deal.  I’ve got more than I need right now so if any one is interested in some kangaroo I can offer it to you at a pretty good deal at $15.50 per square foot with the average skin over 6 feet.  If you are interested feel free to contact me and let me know what you color you and I’ll let  you know what sizes I have.

My current project is working on a pair of 6 foot 8 plait bullwhips.  They should get finished up today, and I’ll post some pics later today or tomorrow.


15 thoughts on “Kangaroo…

  1. Well, I just got a call from my tandy leather. They told me I was one of their top 100 customers

    last year ( I didn’t realize I bought that much from them… ) and that I had bought kangaroo,

    and that since it was discontinued they were willing to sell it to me for 15.50 sq. ft. If I didn’t

    have murphys, I would have snatched it up. Louie, if you’d like some more from tandy, I can

    give you this one’s number. Just let me know.

    1. Jeremy,

      I got mine much cheaper than $15.50 and my local guy can pull from other stores stock. They are trying to get rid of it, I bet if there is any left at the end of the summer it’ll be going for next to nothing!


  2. I’m sure if you call him and tell him you’ll buy all they have they’ll give it cheaper.

    The last time I used tandy roo, it was on my first roo whip, and I wasn’t very impressed with it.

    Once it’s prepared, how do you think it compares to “regular” roo that you and I are more used

    to using?

    1. It’s much thinner than the drum stuffed skins from packer that’s for sure! Are the Tandy skins bad…Nope…but when you compare them to the top grade drum stuffed skins from packer the drums stuffed wins. These skins are fine for 8-12 plait whips, but I’m not going to be using them to make any 36 plait whips!


  3. I remember the one’s I had were in the .7 mm range, sometimes a little more sometimes a little

    less, but averaging in the .7mm , is that about the same for the one’s you’ve handled?

    1. I’ll try to remember to hit up the skins with my caliper after they are finished with the project I’m working on. I think the tandy skins are thinner than a drum stuffed skin, but also less dense than drum stuffed skins, so they compress more when plaiting. So lets say it’s .7mm it may be .6 when it’s on the whip. I know that after hand stuffing it you will add some density, however I don’t think it’s really (within reason) possible to get a hand stuffed skin’s grease to penetrate as much as a drum stuffed skin.

  4. That explains why the whip I made with tandy skins turned out thinner than I had originally

    expected based on what the thickness was, it was compressing more.

    I didn’t think about that, thanks.

    1. Tandy’s colors were kinda strange. I think the middle ones they called Saddle Tan, but if I remember right after greasing they were almost whiskey.

  5. oh ok thanks and you probably already know but their kangaroo on their website is 12 a sqaure foot right now unless you got a better deal than that

    1. It just went on “clearance” a few days ago with Tandy. They way they work their internet sales I personally wouldn’t buy from them via the internet, I’d go in and pick them up myself. The $12 retail is a good deal right now, their roo isn’t as nice as the drum stuffed roo, but at $12 a foot the price is more than fair for what it is. The $19.99 a foot they were charging before they decided to stop stocking it was way to much for what it was.

  6. sorry to keep bothering you but do yo think i would be able to get 12 plait overlay for a 8 footer out of one thats 6.5 square feet

    1. I would be able to get an 8 plait overlay (no bellies) from a 60dm skin with plenty of left over. However it you haven’t cut many whips before you may not have as much left over as someone with a few whips under their belt would end up with.

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