Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhip

Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhip

Today I finished up a four plait Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhip. These bullwhips have a leather core and a  plaited belly.  I found a great deal on some sides of leather that were perfect for this kind of whip, so I bought about 50+ square feet of it and will be making a lot of these in the near future.


The bullwhip that I made today was six feet long, however I plan to make a bunch of them at 5 feet long for a juggling convention I’m performing and teaching a workshop at this summer.


4 thoughts on “Deluxe Beginner’s Bullwhip

  1. Just curious, what makes it a deluxe beginners bullwhip as opposed to your regular beginners


  2. Nice Louie!

    I really like that the proportions are good. Sometimes folks who make budget whips tend to make them significantly slimmer and I’ve often wondered why. Maybe they forget that bellies add two layers and not one… not sure. But yours are nice and really look like they would crack nicely too. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, it’s nice to see that people can get into whip cracking for a nominal price and still work with decently made whips. Good on ya!


    1. Franco,

      Thanks! I think I do a good job of looking at the leather I’m using and deciding how to built it internally. If I make them out of thinner tooling leather I usually do the inside a bit differently. This leather was nice and thick (but not too thick) and I’m glad I bought 50ish square feet of it!


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