Leather for Bolsters, plaiting soap, and a Riding Crop

Leather for Bolsters, plaiting soap, and a Riding Crop

I was running out of leather for bolsters, so yesterday I stopped by my local Tandy Leather Factory.  I was looking at their 2-3 oz which is $5.35 a square foot.  Then I noticed that they had 3-4 oz on sale for $49.99 a side!  Normally I run my bolsters through a splitter to knock off any high spots, so getting a slightly heavier leather isn’t really adding much more work.

My local Tandy had just gotten a batch of these in, so I got to dig through a lot of them!  The skins I bought were on the thinner side of the 3-4 oz weight and they were huge!  Both of them were just over 35 feet (the average skin they had were 25ish square feet)!  One was a nice clear skin, the other has some holes on the belly, however they were in an area I normally cut of so they are no big deal.

The nice thing about getting these two sides was that I was already in the area of the Tandy and picked them up, so there was no shipping or extra gas spend on them.  They were a total of just under 70 cents a square foot!    If you need some bolster leather now’s the time to check out  your local Tandy Leather Factory!

I almost feel like I need to make a long whip so that I can take advantage of using the longer skin to make a bullwhip with a longer bolster with no splices!

I was also finally out of plaiting soap, so I cooked up a batch:

Plaiting soap

A couple of nights ago I started working on a riding crop.  For this one I decided to use an exotic leather for riding crop’s hand grip.  The hand grip on this riding crop is sharkskin and the core is rawhide with a cane center.

Riding crop

The overlay on it is 12 plait kangaroo.

show riding crop

There are a couple of patterns on it, but for the most part it’s a 4 seam plait.

Riding crop

Here’s the almost finished riding crop:

Kangaroo riding crop

I still need to roll and shellac this riding crop.


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