Kangaroo Skin!

Kangaroo Skin!

I recently remembered a source I have locally for kangaroo skins.  They only have a couple in stock and they’ve had the same skins for years.  These skins were expensive at $22.69 a square foot and that’s the price they’ve been at for several years.  Lucky for me I remember this place had them and I bought them all them out and got them for $18 a square foot.

These are nice clear skins from packer and all are in the upper 70dm size range.  It’s funny when they first got them in stock and priced them at $22.69 I thought that was insanely expensive (at the time I was paying in the ballpark of $11-$13 a square foot) and back then I wouldn’t believe that now I’d be excited to pay $18 a square foot for them!

Here’s one of them:

veg tanned kangaroo skin

These kangaroo skins are a great size, shape and thickness for making Indy style bullwhips! This particular skin’s thickness is in the 1.25 mm range.  David Morgan used to sell skins this thick, but no longer does and I’m exciting to have some again!


7 thoughts on “Kangaroo Skin!

  1. To preface this, I talked to Joe Strain and he said he’s ordered hides from the following place and they arrived right at his door, no import taxes.

    Now, I ordered 1.36 sq. mtr. of saddle tan kangaroo hide from Mike murphy, and paid about $135 for it. He charges 99.50 for a sq. mtr. I also asked murphy himself, and he said that currently a fwe european countries have import taxes on shipments of kangaroo skins less than $1000, but not for the United States. That’s where Joe Strain comes in. He told me he’s ordered some from murphy and they arrived right at his door with no taxes or any of that.

    Roo is getting crazy expensive, but somehow murphy is able to keep his prices down. They are supposedly not drum stuffed but that’s an easy fix.

    Also, for 2 hides, 2 staves of toheti cane, and a roll of braided thread, I paid less than $30 for

    shipping, insurance included!

    Have you tried murphy’s leather? It’s nearly half the cost of buying from midwest. I have NOTHING against midwest, but I couldn’t afford to keep paying nearly $20 sq. ft. for leather.

    1. Jeremy,

      Have you gotten your skins from murphy yet? If so can you send me a pic of them? I’m curious what they look like on the flesh side and on the grain side.

      In the past when I used to get them they were super dirt cheap, they are something like $70 AUD a square meter and the US Dollar was almost two to one against the AUD. So that had the skins at something like $40 a square meter after the exchange rate.


  2. They should be coming in, in the next week-week and a half. I’ll send you some pics when I get them in, and if they seem good or not.

    I sure hope he’s gotten better leather since then. Hopefully it’s from the same leather he uses for his own whips…

    1. If I remember right Murphy’s skins are very different from that you get from Packer…a bit closer to the skins that Simon Martin sells (or at least used to). Murphy used to ship them greased and when you’d get them there’d almost me a waxy glaze on them that you’d buff off. Also the skins were very firm compared to kangaroo from packer. I recall getting an edge so sharp on a piece of lace after paring it that I cut my hand on the lace!

      I’m not saying what I Murphy sells (or at least used to sell) is bad…it’s simply different.

    1. It’s been so long since I’ve used them I honestly don’t recall. I stopped ordering from Mike when the USD started sucking and Australia started charging the $60 export permit on kangaroo. I mainly remember how firm they were.

      I just remembered that recently I saw a center from a murphy skin while cleaning up the other day and thinking to myself “hey that’s a center from a skin from Mike Murphy!”. I’ll dig it up and try to take some pictures of it and post them on my blog tomorrow.

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