How To Shape A Heel Knot…

How To Shape A Heel Knot…

Recently someone in a forum asked a question about how to get shape into the heel knot of a bullwhip.  In the whip that I had just made I happened to have taken some pics that show a bit of how I shape my heel knots.  It starts with the completed interior of the whip:


On top of that I wrap lead and tack it in place.  Then over that I put a bit of waxed string:

Bull whip

This string will give a bit of a base for the leather cap  to sit on:


That layer is secured with a few wraps of artificial sinew. Then I add a wrist loop and a some more wraps with string or artificial sinew and tie the knot:


This particular bullwhip is currently available on ebay at:

It’s nice out today so I’m planning on taking it to the park and making a test cracking video, so check the whip’s auction page later this afternoon!


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