Signal Whips and Bolster Splice

Signal Whips and Bolster Splice

Here’s one of the finished signal whips that I’m working on right now:

signal whip

This signal whip is listed for sale on my IN STOCK WHIPS page.

For this being a budget signal whip it’s got a really nice crack!  The construction is very simple it’s a leather shot bag (filled with lead shot of course) and a 4 plait overlay.  The overlay is veg tanned cowhide leather and the cracker is plaited nylon.

The big difference between something like this signal whip and a standard one that I would make from kangaroo will be longevity.  This Budget Signal Whip is an entry level signal whip and one that’s not intended for someone to still have 10 years from now.  Hopefully if you get this one and crack it for a year or so and after that you’ll decide whether or not a signal whip is for you.  If they are something you like you’ll invest a bit more money in a nicer whip

Here’s a picture of three of them in various states on construction:

Single tail signal whip

The bottom is just a core, the middle is with the overlay plaited and the top is a completed signal whip.

I’m still working on the bullwhip for my Choose Your Own Bullwhip auction on ebay and I just posted an updated photo of the handle on the auction listing.  Currently I’m working on plaiting the lash of the bullwhip and one thing that I’ve already done is plaited over the splice in bolster:


The picture above is about 1/4 of the way into plaiting over the bolster splice.  I splice my bolsters at an angle which is how David Morgan taught me how to do it.  I think this is the best way to do it because you aren’t adding any thing to the bolster like tape or string so it’s a nice, clean splice.  Also the angle splice is very fast to cut out and to put into the bullwhip.

When I make my bolsters the completely encircle the plaited part belly below them.  I also try to have them completely surround the filler strands that extend past the plaited part of the belly for as long as possible.

Later today I should be putting some more pictures of this bullwhip’s lash on the ebay auction listing, you can view it at:


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