Choose Your Own Bullwhip

Choose Your Own Bullwhip

Today I started a very unique and interactive bullwhip auction on ebay.  Here’s the idea:

During the course of a 10 day auction I will build a bullwhip based on an 8 foot 12 plait framework.  The highest bidder can choose spec’s that they want for their custom bullwhip.  So if the highest bidder would like it 16 plait with no wrist loop and a plaited pattern on the handle they simply contact me and I update the current listing.  However if you don’t like what the current high bidder has set for the spec’s you outbid them and contact me with what you want for the new spec.

Honestly I don’t know how people will react to this listing and I think it’s a fun experiment to see what people want in a bullwhip.  The ebay listing is live now and you can start bidding now, but work won’t start until tomorrow (3/1/12)  so that people can have a chance to bid and pic things like handle length or overall bullwhip length.

To view the auction visit:


3 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Bullwhip

    1. There used to be a lot of ebay auctions for whips that aren’t made and that got me thinking about actually making a bullwhip during the course of the auction. We’ll see the response to the auction, I have no idea what to expect.

      The worst case scenario:

      One person bids on the whip and makes it 16 plait and gets an insanely good deal on it!

      I priced is so that I won’t be losing any money on materials if only one bid comes in, but I sure as heck won’t be making much for labor (below minimum wage) if only one bid comes in. At the very least it’s an interesting experiment.


  1. I’ve just given up on selling whips on ebay. I’ve only sold one, and it was an 8 ft. 12 plait whip.

    I had originally hoped to get $275-$300 but before anybody even considered it I had to lower

    the price a lot. Eventually it sold for $245 plus shipping. Now, roo has gone up, and my whips

    have gotten much better, so I increased prices some. I tried to sell a 6 foot 12 plait on ebay

    a couple months ago for $330 ( was wanting to get $300 for it, so with the ebay fee it needed

    to be $330 ) and nobody even considered it. It had a bunch of views, probably because of

    the higher than normal price, but hardly any watchers, no questions, and zero bids in 3 weeks.

    I really hope it works out for you that you get a bunch of bids. I can see a sort of competition

    form between a couple people wanting somewhat different whips, so they keep outbidding to

    get what they want.

    Let us know how it goes!

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