Custom Stock Whip Kit

Custom Stock Whip Kit

Recently someone who had bought one of my Make Your Own Stock Whip Kits emailed me to let me know that they they so much fun making their first stock whip that they wanted to make another one.  They had bought a kangaroo skin, but hadn’t cut it up yet.  They asked if they could send it to me and if I could cut it up for an 8 plait stock whip and send it back.  I agreed and this is what showed up in the mail yesterday:

Veg Tanned Kangaroo Skin

This kangaroo skin is veg tanned and based on the finish I’m pretty sure it’s the stuff from Tandy Leather Factory.  The kangaroo from Tandy isn’t drum stuffed (which means has dressing worked into it while spinning in a giant drum) so it need an even coat of dressing.

Putting dressing on kangaroo can be a bit tricky, if you put to much in one spot it can give you a darker more discolored patch.   Since this skin has now been cut up I would put a bit of dressing on my hand and run the lace through my hand applying  a light coat and let that soak in before applying more (if needed).   By adding some dressing that will reduce a bit of stretch when plaiting and increase the life of the finished whip.

Yesterday I cut up the kangaroo skin into all the kangaroo parts for an 8 plait kangaroo stock whip:

kangaroo stock whip kit

And after cutting it out there was still a good chunk of kangaroo leftover (probably enough for a 3 or 4 foot signal whip) and this is getting shipped back along with the kangaroo stock whip kit.


7 thoughts on “Custom Stock Whip Kit

  1. These kits are pretty popular!The only problem I’d have with selling them is I enjoy making whips

    so much that by the time I get done cutting the lace, I just want to plait for while :)

  2. Louie,
    Do you mean to say you apply leather dressing like Pecard’s on the hide or strands instead of plaiting soap? Not sure I’m getting it…


  3. I’ve been unable to make a whip for nearly 2 months now, but will be ordering some stuff in the

    next week or so, and I’m dying to get started! Reading the forums and your blog is all that’s

    keeping me going :) Thanks for that!

  4. I see, do you find there is any problems with the leather absorbing the plaiting soap once it’s had some leather dressing in it?

    You do this presumably because it helps with the overall characteristics of the leather prior to cutting and stretching, yes?


    1. Franco,

      I don’t find that it prevents the leather from absorbing plaiting soap any more than using a drum stuffed skin. However personally I use plaiting soap as a lubricant and not a dressing, so I don’t use a ton of plaiting soap while making a whip. I apply it a little at a time as I go along, instead of doing the all the the strands for their entire lengths.

      Filling the pores with a little bit of grease seems to reduce stretching a bit with an non-drum stuffed skin. Also it will reduce the change of breaking while plaiting because the fibers of the skin will be less brittle.


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