Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Last night I performed at the Pantages Theater in Tacoma, WA as part of an arts festival.  This historic theater was built in 1918 and pretty much any Vaudeville act working on the Pantages Circuit performed at this theater.


Here’s my daughter, Miss Ella and I onstage¬†working the bullwhip:

Right after this picture was taken I crack the bullwhip and Ella say, “It’s past my bed time” and then runs off stage.

We had a great time at that theater!


3 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    1. Nathan,

      It’s the oldest of the remaining Pantages Theaters and I only think there are 3 Pantages left. Supposedly it’s haunted, or at least that’s what I told my daughter to add some fun to our downtime at the theater!

      The next night we performed at a place called the Annex Theater which is an old building and at one point the theater was a rock club in the 1980’s and Nirvana played there about 2 months before they released their first album Bleach.


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