Dog Whip?

Dog Whip?

Someone had emailed me recently asking me if I could make them a French Dog Whip.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find any info on a French Dog Whip, but I did find info on a German Dog Whip.  From my research I’ve learned that they really aren’t used in training dogs anymore because they don’t meet training standards for most competitions.   Currently from what I can tell they are mostly used for “Lifestyle Whip Cracking”.

I found the look interesting and decided to try to make one.  This was a bit of a challenge because aside from seeing a picture I have no idea how the thing is used.  Since it was a proof of concept type project I made this one in some leftover leather that I had kicking around.

Basically the whip consists of a long handle, lash and a slapper (loop of leather for a fall).  Also on the butt end there is a metal clip.  Here’s what I turned out:

dog whip

Apparently these whips used as slapping whips and were made by braiding from the slapper down towards the handle.  I didn’t do that.  From my research these whips are also to clip two or more dogs to the slapper.  Over time that would wear out the slapper and have it break in half.

For this whip the slapper is the filler for the lash of the whip.  However it if ever breaks, you can simply cut off the old one at the point add another slapper via the fall hitch without having to buy a whole new whip.

I gave the chair in my office a few good flicks with this and it was loud enough  for my wife to me in and see what the commotion was and she’s used to me cracking whips in the office.

This was a fun little project for me to make.  I just listed it for sale on my IN STOCK whips page.


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  1. Hello I just came across this page and I am interested in getting a dog whip exactly as the one in you picture above the dogwhip you tried. Do you have anymore available or know how can I find one? Thak you.

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