Bullwhip, Riding Crop and a Video…

Bullwhip, Riding Crop and a Video…

Currently I’m working on a 12 plait bullwhip.  This bullwhip is made from goat skin instead of cow or kangaroo.  I’m monkeying around with the idea of making a little video that shows how to make a bullwhip from materials that are cheaper than kangaroo.

One thing that I’m always amazed at is how most beginning whip makers want to make one from cow before moving to kangaroo. Their reasoning is that since cow is cheaper it’s good practice.  I don’t necessarily believe that’s the best reason.  While kangaroo is more expensive, it’s also much easier to use that cowhide which in frustration will save you headaches and time from dealing with broken strands, etc.  Also with cowhide usually you have to buy a whole side which isn’t much cheaper than buying a kangaroo skin!

So depending on how the video turns out I may release it.  I’ve basically put a camera on a trip pod and just recorded me making this whip.  So it’s no Hollywood summer blockbuster, but once I get the bullwhip done and if the video turns out reasonable well  I’ll start editing it.

Here’s the bullwhip so far:


This bullwhip has been plaited up to the 12 – 10 strand drop.  Once I get a chance I’ll record the strand drop. It’s things like seeing someone do a strand drop that really helped me out.  Not that I couldn’t do it, I just didn’t know if I was on the right track or not when I was starting out.  Strand drops aren’t hard to do…but they take a lot of time “master”.

I also finally finished up a 16 plait riding crop that I’ve been working on for a while:

riding crop

Riding Crop

This still needs a few coats of shellac and some rolling before it’s finished.

And finally the Science Channel has put a clip of the episode of How It’s Made that has Midwest Whips making a bullwhip on it:

Speaking of Midwest Whips they have a 5 foot 8 plait bullwhip of mine for sale on their in stock page: http://www.midwestwhips.com/InStock.html If you are looking for a 5 foot bullwhip this is a great one, or it would make a great first kangaroo bullwhip for someone!



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