So it’s been a while since I’ve gone on a little rant about bullwhips being offered on ebay.  Now here’s a bullwhip buying tip (this is just my opinion):

Never buy a bullwhip off ebay that isn’t finished!

Honestly I don’t know why anyone would preorder a whip off ebay from an unknown maker.  Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. Unknown quality of whip: It’s never a good idea to buy a whip sight unseen from someone whose work you haven’t at least seen pictures of!

2. Unknown reliability of seller:  You don’t know if your whip will be delivered on time or at all!

Here’s the whip maker that got me started on this rant:

Here’s my main issue with this listing…the seller is selling a bullwhip but has a picture of a snake whip in the listing!  Does this mean the person has never made a bullwhip that they have a picture of and can post on the listing?  I don’t know…but would I personally gamble $350 of my own money on it…nope!

The other thing is since this person says they are doing it for “Therapy” why are they waiting for you to buy it and not just making it and selling it after it’s finished?  Making whips is something that I love to do and am passionate about and I make them without having orders.  That’s the way I’ve always done it.  If you want something specific that I’m not currently working on then yes you’ll have to prepay it.  However this seller doesn’t appear to have anything in the pipeline or much past experience since all the bullwhip listings have the same picture of a snake whip.  So this is an attempt to get you to prepay their therapy instead of them paying for their own!

Here’s a good example of making for the love of making bullwhip is that I just made an 8 foot Indy Bullwhip because I enjoy doing it…not because someone paid me to.  I am selling it on my IN STOCK whips page (hint hint).

Oh one other thing that gets me with this auction is the “estimated delivery date” which (for me) shows it at November 17 -18.  That’s over a 5 weeks away from today…but the listing says it’s a 3 week turn around time…hmmmm…once again personally I’m not going to gamble my $350 on a whip that’s delivery date is about a week and a half past the 30 day protection that paypal has.

I’m curious what you think about  this…think I’m right…think I’m wrong…let me know in the comments of this post.


7 thoughts on “Seriously!!!

  1. Yes, absolutely right.

    I only wish more people would research properly what it is they want to buy… I was once called a very thorough shopper by a friend after researching cars for a year before buying one… Sadly not many put in the same time and energy.

    Still, good on you for putting it out there!

  2. I agree 100% with you. I’ve seen a lot of “whip is under construction, no pictures” and I’ve

    also seen a lot of “whip is under construction, will look something like this:”

    I find it ridiculous. If you’re buying from a professional whipmaker, I understand prepaying, BUT,

    buying on Ebay, from an unknown… without even seeing pictures of it.

    PLUS, the snakewhip thing really got me also. He’s targeting people that are NEW, that are

    wanting to get a “good” whip, so they’re willing to pay a lot for it. Granted, that’s not a lot

    for a kangaroo whip, but it’s not made by a professional. That is a lot for an ebay whip.

    To sum it all up ( again ) I agree with you 100% on the subject

    1. When I was first starting out making whips and was only selling them on ebay I never presold any! I only sold a finished bullwhip. I also understand not having a lot of money and maybe not being able to afford buying kangaroo to make a whip before selling it. BUT clearly the person has made a whip before (I’m assuming the snake whip is one that they have made) and if money is tight they could sell that one to fund the next whip. That’s what I did when I first got into whip making…except the I was making whips at a financial loss and the money was just offsetting some of the cost of the next whip!


  3. That’s mostly what I’m doing right now louie. I just wanted to add something to this thread,

    because I saw something on ebay a couple days back.

    NEVER buy a leather whip that says “no breaking in period required”.

    First of all, this whip was crappy, had a taper lasting about 1 foot, then stayed pretty much

    the same for the last 7, or whatever it was. BUT, one of the things the person advertised

    as “special” about this whip, was that it required no breaking in period, “worked fine right

    out of the box”

    NO. This whip, even if it were a whip made by a good whip maker, if plaited loosely to avoid

    this will soon become a wet noodle.

    Here’s an example, Paul Nolan recently told me about them making whips for a movie that is

    coming out, and the people contacted them three weeks before they were going to film. The

    person requested that the whip be plaited looser so they didn’t have to worry about a

    breaking in period. Paul didn’t want to do this, but he plaited about 25% looser than he

    normally would. Now, someone that was working on the movie, that is a part time whip maker

    ( don’t know who ) told Paul that it was good they were only filming for a short time, because

    if the whips that were plaited a little looser had been used for another 6-12 months, they’d

    get that wet noodle look and feel that DOES NOT make for a good whip.

    Even though Paul plaited only 25% looser, it still needed some breaking in, just not nearly as

    long as normal. Now imagine, if regular use of a slightly looser whip could make it a wet noodle

    in only 6 months, imagine a whip that is loose enough right out of the box.

    My first leather whip was like this, it cracked GREAT for the first 50 cracks or so, then it was

    a wed noodle. I didn’t realize how much tighter you needed to plait leather, than nylon, so it

    was plaited quite loosely. Now, you can still get a nice crack out of it, but it takes a bit of

    effort. BUT, it had a decent taper, this ebay whip didn’t in any way shape or form. Moral of the

    story, never buy a leather whip that is supposed to require NO breaking in period.

    1. The thing is there is no such thing as “NO BREAK IN” whips. All leather bullwhips will break them in. Some just start looser and get even looser. And a whip through it’s entire life is constantly being broken in…in fact I’d say a whip is never broken in!

      For example it was a huge realization to for me to tightly plait something then run it through my rein rounder and seeing how much it stretches. It’s amazing! All that stretch (and more) will happen over time giving you the “breaking in” feeling. And I think breaking in is more stretching than anything.

  4. That’s what I’ve always seen breaking in as, the materials slowly slowly stretching over time.

    I can understand people saying certain nylon whips don’t require breaking in, while they will

    get somewhat looser over their life, nylon just doesn’t stretch like leather.

    What the person on ebay was saying is that the whip would be as loose as a “normal” broken in

    whip, right away, then that whip will just get TOO loose. It made me both laugh and irritate to

    see people do stuff like that. All they’re doing is targeting people that don’t know anything

    about whips.

    1. It think it’s not necessarily people trying to take advantage of others, but possibly the uninformed making assumptions of things they know nothing about.

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