Morgan Style Indy Bullwhip!

Morgan Style Indy Bullwhip!

Currently I’m working on an Indiana Jones style bullwhip built with David Morgan’s construction.   You can find out more about David’s method in his book Whips and Whip Making.

whips and whip making

There are some differences between how they make bullwhips at David Morgan and how I normally make mine.  For example the lead load is one of the first thing they do at David Morgan and it’s one of the last things that I do.  Neither way is right or wrong, just how we do it.

Here’s the bullwhip with both bellies finished:

indiana jones style bullwhip

And here’s the bullwhip as it is currently:

bull whip

It still need to have the wrist loop added:

bullwhip for sale

The knots need to be tied and a few finishing touches. So far I’m happy with how this has turned out!  Next up I’ll be finishing up a 16 plait riding crop that I started a while ago.


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