Morgan Style Indy Bullwhip…

Morgan Style Indy Bullwhip…

Currently I’m working on an Indy bullwhip made the way that David Morgan makes them. ┬áThere are a several differences in construction in how David Morgan makes his whips and how I normally make mine. ┬áThe main ones are:

  • When the lead is put on the handle foundation.
  • How the wide end of the bolster is shaped.
  • How the filler strands are shaped.
  • Wear leather.
  • Core shape
  • How the lead is capped

Currently I’ve got the inner belly plaited:


Today at the very least I should be able to get the inner bolster finished.


4 thoughts on “Morgan Style Indy Bullwhip…

  1. Hi Louie,
    I hope I am not asking something that is a secret or anything, but I was wondering if you could elaborate on those differences?


    1. 1. When we put the lead on: He puts the lead on first…I do it almost last.
      2. How the end of the inner bolster is shaped: His is tear drop shaped…mine is feathered
      3. How the lead is capped: His has several layers of leather capping it…I only have one.
      4. Wear leather: He uses leather, I don’t (because of my core)
      5. Core shape: He core is essentially triangular, mine flares.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Oh right.. Well I know how you make your cores and you basically include a wear leather in your design, correct? But I didn’t know he ended his bolsters in a tear drop shape… you mean it’s rounded? Why is that?

    1. The bolster that’s doesn’t cover the entire handle is rounded…not all the bolsters. Essentially it does the same as “feathering” them, but much faster!

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