16 plait bullwhip…

16 plait bullwhip…

Yesterday I started working on an eight foot 16 plait bullwhip.  This bullwhip is going to be all black kangaroo.  Here’s the kangaroo skin I’m using:

veg tanned kangaroo skin for bullwhip making

Yesterday I cut out the two bellies:

kangaroo bullwhip

That’s as far as this bullwhip has gotten.  I still need to prep the belly strands for braiding.  I do have the core cut out and attached to the handle.

Before I could really get to work on the 8 foot 16 plait bullwhip I needed to finish off a whip that was on my hook.  So yesterday I put the fall on and tied the knots on a five foot 4 plait cowhide beginners bullwhip:


This bullwhip has a great crack and it’s available on my IN STOCK whip page.


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