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8 plait bullwhip

April 27th, 2011

Yesterday I completed the overlay for a 5 foot 8 plait bullwhip.  Here’s the skin that I used:

veg tanned drum stuffed kangaroo

I cut out the 8 plait set and plaited the overlay and got the fall attached:


I’m thinking I might do the knots with an interweave of a second color.  We’ll see what happens when I start work on the knots.


3 Responses to “8 plait bullwhip”

  1. Franco

    Ooh no drops on this one I see!


  2. admin


    That one has is 8 plait with a 6 plait point, so there is a drop!


  3. Franco

    Doh! I thought I saw it as an eight strand point… Still, nice whip!

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