4 foot bullwhip

4 foot bullwhip

Yesterday  I got an order for 4 foot black 12 plait kangaroo bullwhip, so that puts my stockwhip back onto the back burner while I make that bullwhip.  I’ll probably cut out enough strands for two bullwhips at the same time.  That way I’m halfway finished by the time I get another order.  I’ll post some pictures of this whip as it get’s made.   

Since it’s almost October, I’m wondering how much free time I’ll have in the near future to work on that stockwhip.  October is a busy performing month for me, but then in November it’s slower, but I use November to prepare one of my businesses (www.amazingmagickit.com) for the holiday rush.  And of course December is a super busy month for both performing and my magic kit business. 

So with any luck I’ll find some holes in my schedule to crank out some more whips (aside from bullwhip orders).



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