Did you notice?

Did you notice?

In the post about this about the mini bullwhip, did you notice anything funny about the picture?  The playing card the bullwhip is sitting on is a large playing card that is about 6 X 9 inches.  I was having a bit of fun with proportion!

Here’s the bullwhip on my hand:


I was going to try to find all the oversized items (like a giant toothbrush, or comb) at my local joke store and take pictures of this bullwhip next to them.  However I didn’t get around to finding things like that.

I guess the moral is don’t believe everything you see on the internet!


2 thoughts on “Did you notice?

  1. Louie, does this one have a plaited belly? I was able to do one a while back in lightweight roo that has a 4-plait tapered belly. It was fun, but it’s kinda firm for the coil diameter and I guess I’d probably hurt the transition area before fully breaking in the rest of the lash. I was thinking of not plaiting either the belly or overlay too hard so that it doesn’t have such a hard-on nest time. Christmas ornaments, earrings, keychains, mini Indy dolls… they are cool and they really work!

    1. Don,

      This one has a plaited belly. The Christmas Tree ornament I made is just bolsters, and for a mini bullwhip I think that’s the way to go. The plaited belly was more for fun than function.


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