Kangaroo Centers

Kangaroo Centers

When you make a bullwhip you quite often end up with the center of the kangaroo left over.   Depending on the skin and what you are  making this can be a little, or it can be a lot.  This center piece is usually about 2 – 18 inches wide, if it’s bigger than that I can usually make a short  signal whip out of it and it’s not a left over for long.

I was cleaning up and noticed I had a bunch of centers (still do), however I cut of several of them to make one bullwhip.  I cut up a couple medium black, a bigger  natural tan an red kangaroo center to make a 5 foot 12 plait bullwhip.


This bullwhip is made from 7 black strands, 4 natural tan strands and one red kangaroo strand.  It ends in an 8 plait point.  I’ve noticed lately that I really like an 8 plait point.  It’s a bit more work in the tapering to get them tapered correctly.  One plus of an 8 plait point on a 12 plait bullwhip is that I don’t have to do the 8 – 6 strand drop…however it’s probably more work resizing the lace for an 8 plait than doing that last set of drops.


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