Miracle Product!

Miracle Product!

Right now I’m working on a Young Indy style bullwhip (more on this when it’s finished) and I needed to dye some strands.  One thing that I never liked was braided strands that where hand dyed.  A bit of the coloring always rubs off on my hands and it’s a huge pain to try to get it off.  Usually I end up with color on my hands for a day or two.

Yesterday when I was picking up some Deglazer and dye I noticed a product on the shelf called DYE-OFF.  The company that makes it doesn’t have any internet presence and I can’t find anyone that sells it besides where I got it.  Ask you local leather supplier if they sell it.

dye off

This stuff works like magic.  My hands had a bunch of dye that had rubbed off while braiding.  I tried washing them with soap and water like I normally do and that didn’t work well.  So I put a bit of this on my hands added a bit of water and viola the dye disappeared from my hands!

I love this stuff…it’s made hand dying slightly less of a pain.


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