Whip Demo at SANCA

Whip Demo at SANCA

This morning Will Morgan, John Leonetti and myself did a little whip demo / workshop at the School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts (SANCA).  We did a little talk about the history of the bullwhips and the different types of whips.  Then we did little demos of the different styles of whip cracking from what I do with a bullwhip in my show to more technical crack with one bullwhip or two stockwhips and two bullwhips.

Here’s John Leonetti doing a multiple cracks:
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He’s  using a Performance Hybrid made by Lauren Wickline at MidWestWhips. In July when I was passing through Nevada I visited midwestwhips and really like the way these whips cracked.  It was nice to get to crack another pair of Performance Hybrid whips!  For more information about these whips visit: http://performancehybrid.wordpress.com/

Here’s a bunch of pictures of John and Will cracking:

During the whip demo I also got the chance to crack a pair of stockwhips that is imported by David Morgan.  It’s a pair of stockwhips made by Eskaytee Bush Leathercraft:

stock whips

The pair of these Will had were great to crack at at $170 each you can’t go wrong!  I’m thinking of getting  a pair of them for myself the next time I stop by David Morgan’s shop.  You can get these at: http://www.davidmorgan.com/product_info.php?products_id=1151

Today’s whip demo was a ton of fun. We’ve done this every year for the last three years.  It typically happens on the Sunday after Christmas…so mark your calendar for next year!


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