Bullwhips I’m working on…

Bullwhips I’m working on…

Yesterday I made a little bit of progress on some of the four bullwhips that I’m working on.  I finished the Six Foot Beginners Bullwhip:

bullwhip for beginners

This is listed for sale on my IN STOCK whips page.

I also plaited the Eight Foot Indy Bullwhip to  the  12 to 10 strand drop:


I’m going to imagine that I’ll have time to finish plaiting the overlay of this bullwhip sometime today.  I still need to work on the five and six foot bullwhip, no progess has been made on those since yesterday.

The six foot bullwhip will be an interesting little experiment. It’s going to be a “Young Indy” bullwhip (Black whip with red handle).  However I’m going to dye it with a different process than most bullwhip makers.  Hopefully this will turn out a better finished product where the dye fading or rubbing off won’t be an issue.


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