2 Hour Bullwhip!

2 Hour Bullwhip!

Well I think I did it, I made an 8 plait 5 foot Indy Style bullwhip in 2 hours.  Well it was 2 hours and 40 minutes, but I made two insides and subtracting the time for the second inside the finished bullwhip took 2 hours and 4 minutes…so it’s not exactly two hours but I’m calling that a win!

Also the two hour estimate was for a bullwhip without a wrist loop so if you take out the 5 mins for the wrist loop this whip comes in right at 2 hours.  I think I did a pretty good job keeping as much of an Indiana Jones look to it:

I’m happy with how this bullwhip turned out and it’s got a great crack to it!

Also I have one beginners bullwhip left and no more will be made in time to ship for Christmas, so if you are thinking of getting someone a beginners bullwhip now’s the time to order!  You can order beginners bullwhip or the 5 foot 8 plait bullwhip above on my IN STOCK whips page.

If you are looking for a bullwhip in time for Christmas there are a few of my bullwhips down in Nevada at MidwestWhips, you can see what they have in stock and order from them at: http://www.midwestwhips.com/InStock.html

I’ve got a busy weekend so I probably won’t update this blog until monday…till then follow me on twitter @bullwhips


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