5 foot bullwhip times…

5 foot bullwhip times…

The times shown are the what is shown on my stopwatch.  These times include getting out whatever I need and cleaning up.

Cutting out the Bolsters:  7:44

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

Cleaning up the spike: 8:34

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

Attaching the core to the handle: 11:38

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

Trimming the kangaroo and cutting  out the belly:  16:54

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

Strand Prep and attaching the belly to the handle: 21:32

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

Plaiting and rolling the belly: 32:58


Tweaking the size and attaching the bolsters: 40:57


At this point I’ve gotten everything internal finished, and all that’s left is basically what’s on the outside…but that’s the time consuming part!

Cutting out lace (knots, wristloop and overlay): 1:04:02

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

Strand prep for overlay, knots and wrist loop: 1:13:29

Right now I have about 45 minutes left to bring this in under 2 hours.  I’m thinking that I won’t be able to make it.  Lets say it takes me 30 minutes to do the overlay (which I think is unrealistic), that leaves me with about 15 minutes to do the wrist loop and two knots.  Oh, and I plan on plaiting an my normal pace, so I’m going to be going speedy…unless I start to get near the end and think I might be able to bring it in at 30 minutes.

Braiding the overlay and attaching the fall: 2:18:14

How to make a kangaroo bull whip

I don’t think I’ve ever tried to make a 5 foot 8 plait Indy bullwhip before, so this one had some taper issues, so it took a bit longer to make it than it should have.  Now that I’ve got one under my belt I bet I could save off at least 15 minutes of braiding time…and it’d look a bit better.

Plaiting the wrist loop: 2:23:13

Buildling the heel knot foundation and attaching he wrist loop: 2:29: 34

Tying the knots: 2:42:23

5 foot bullwhip

So here’s my wrap of this little experiment.  It took me just shy of 2 hours and 45 minutes to make this bullwhip.  I could have done a better job, I cut the taper of the strands like this was an eight plait snake whip (not the taper I’d normally cut a bullwhip’s overlay with) so the plaiting isn’t very pretty.  I spent a lot of time making that taper work for this whip and I’m pretty confident I could shave off at least 15 minutes by cutting the taper correctly.  Also If I were to make two of these bet I could save 10 minutes off each whip in clean up and set up time.  However most of the time I’ll be making only one.

I think I was able to keep the “Indiana Jones” look while cutting  a few corners.  Main visual difference between this and my Indy Style Bullwhips are:

  • Plait count: This one is 8 plait where the Indy Style Bullwhips that I make are 12 plait
  • Heel Knot: This one has two passes where the Indy Style Bullwhips that I make has three…but it’s the same knot.
  • Point: This has an 8 plait point where the Indy Style Bullwhips that I make has a six plait point.
  • Wrist loop: This has a 5 plait wrist loop where the Indy Style Bullwhips that I make has a 6 plait wrist loop.

Even with those differences I think I’ve stayed true to the look.  I’ve listed this one for sale at $150 on my IN STOCK whips page.  I ever make another one of these I’d charge $200.

The  5 foot length is a great size for indoor cracking during the winter.  I was just doing arrowheads with this bullwhip in my living room (which isn’t that big)!


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