Roo Skins, White Bullwhip and an Indy Bullwhip

Roo Skins, White Bullwhip and an Indy Bullwhip

Yesterday was an busy day over here.  I had five kangaroo skins come in the mail from Mid West Whips:

kangaroo skin

I had two natural tan, two black and one red kangaroo skin come in.  I was almost out of kangaroo, so I’m glad to have more in stock.  Paul sent me some really good kangaroo skins.  The last batch I had in from another source were about .75mm and these are about 1mm thick, so these will be great for Indy Bullwhips!

Before I could cut any of them up I needed to finish the 16 plait white bullwhip that I started.  I had to tie the heel knot and redo the transition knot:

White kangaroo bullwhip

Now that that bullwhip was finish (It’s listed on my IN STOCK whips page) I could start cutting up my new batch of kangaroo skins.  Since the skins were thicker I decided to make an Indy Bullwhip.  Here’s the inner bolster attached and hanging out while grease soaks in:


Here’s the outer belly finished:

bullwhips for sale

And finally here’s the finished handle:

indy bullwhip

The outer bolster for this whip is in four pieces, so I get to splice it three times (Boo!).  I’m still using the goat for the boslters while I wait for more kip to show up.  I did have a piece of kip long enough to make the core out, so the core is kip.

Another exciting thing about trying to split down the goat is because it’s spongy it’s hard to split with a blade that’s not super sharp.  I had to sharpen my blade twice for the boslters in the whip.  Once the blade loses its edge instead of cutting at the thickness you set the splitter to, it compresses the skin and shaves off a very thin layer.  That is not desirable.  When the blade is super sharp it properly cuts the goat.


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