Snake Whip’s wrist loop

Snake Whip’s wrist loop

Yesterday in addition to finishing up plaiting projects that I had started a while ago, I also added a wrist loop to the snake whip that I made a couple of days ago.  It’s owner had emailed me and asked if I could add it.

Here’s the whip before the wrist loop was added:

snake whip

So I had to take off the turkshead and braid a wrist loop:

16 plait kangaroo snake whip

Then I had to attach the wrist loop and redo the turks head:

snake whip

When adding this wrist loop I couldn’t have reused the turkshead’s lace for the same knot again because once they are tied and trimmed I’d have a very difficult time retying it and due to the added bulk (not much, but enough) of the wrist loop the lace probably wouldn’t fit.  So I cut the lace down the middle to make two thin strands, then folded each in the middle and flat braided them to make the wrist loop.  Finally I cut a new piece of lace for the turkshead knot.

Today I’ve got a busy performing schedule so I probably wont’ get any plaiting in.


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