Finishing Up Works in Progress…

Finishing Up Works in Progress…

Today I spent a bit of time working on half finished projects that have been kicking around.  First I put the heel knot on the white bullwhip that has a sharkskin handle:

kangaroo bullwhip

This whip isn’t finished yet, it’s got a few more finishing things to go.

I did put some more knots on a set of Romel Reins that I started a while ago:

Romel Reins

This set of Romel Reins is made from 4 plait cowhide with kangaroo knots.  This is the first set I’ve made and the romel ends need few more knots.  One thing I learned from making this set is to not wasting my time making a cowhide set, there is too much work involved in all the knots to make a “cheap” set.

Finally I finished making a 4 plait cowhide leather Reata, traditionally they are made from rawhide.  I’ve wanted to make one of these for a long time and eventually I plan to make a rawhide reata.

La Reata
cowhide reata

This one measures approx 35 feet…and for the first 30 feet I did more  untangling that braiding!


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  1. I think the reata is an interesting project. And I think you did a great job, Louie. Congrats! I had the opportunity to see some reatas at “Museo de la Charreria” here in Mexico City. The curator told me that Mexican reatas were usually made with pig rawhide and 6 plait. It seems Charros prefer fiber reatas, because of price, availability, and performance, over rawhide ones. I have one or two pics of them, in case you’re interested.



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