Indy Whip and a Riding Crop

Indy Whip and a Riding Crop

Last week I started working on a 7 foot Indiana Jones style bullwhip.  This whip came out really well, here’s a picture before the heel knot was put on:

Indiana Jones Bullwhip

Here’s the finished seven foot Indy style bullwhip:

kangaroo bullwhip
bull whip

I always find it interesting the amount of color change that a coat of shellac gives the whip.  If you look a the top picture and compare it to the next ones, you’ll see the difference.  I gave this whip a few flicks in my living room and it’s got a great crack!

Yesterday I started working on a 16 plait riding crop.  This whip was made with twisted rawhide core (with cane center) and has a two tone kangaroo overlay.

kangaroo riding crop

Honestly I don’t think there is much of market for a super fancy riding crop, but it was a fun project to make.

kangaroo riding crop

This riding crop isn’t finished, I still need to add another knot and a wrist loop at the end of the handgrip area.

riding crop

The  main reason I made this riding crop was to mess around with some plating patterns, and it’s easier to make things like riding crops and stockwhip handles than it is to make a full whip.


One thought on “Indy Whip and a Riding Crop

  1. Nice riding crop, for sale? how much?
    I am looking for a fairly short one for a pony, 18 inches or so.
    Thanks for getting back to me.

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