Kangaroo at Tandy Leather Factory

Kangaroo at Tandy Leather Factory

This afternoon I was at my local Tandy Leather Factory and they let me know that they now sell veg tanned kangaroo!  I picked up a skin, it’s tanned by Packer, and it’s a good skin…but it’s a dry skin.  So that means you’ll have to grease it before you can use it for whip making.  It’s also expensive at about $20 a square foot, so the 5.6 foot skin would be over $100 (I get a slightly cheaper price, but it’s still expensive).

I don’t see them as my new supplier for kangaroo based on price alone, I’m currently getting veg tanned drum stuffed for less.  However it’s nice to have a local supplier and if I need just one kangaroo skin after you factor in not having to pay shipping it’s not that much more.


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  1. I went to my local Tandy yesterday and checked out their stock of Kangaroo. I was not impressed. Only 3 colors – 2 hides each. All kinda small and not the greatest quality – about a 2nd grade. Ragged edges, tic marks and bullet holes, and creases everywhere. Trying to make a whip out of one would be a challenge. Holes I can work around but a crease or gouge means broken strands! As for price – Forget It. I would buy from Amazingoz on Ebay before Tandy. Hopefully Midwest Whips can keep a great supply coming. This “hobby” is addicting!

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