More Kangaroo Arrives!

More Kangaroo Arrives!

Yesterday at my mailbox was my shipment of kangaroo skins from Midwest Whips.  It had two natural tan, two glazed white and two matte white skins.

I’m very excited to make something out of the white kangaroo.  I’ve never used good kangaroo that was white.  I’ve used the chrome tanned stuff that got a coating over the top, but never the veg tanned stuff.  The chrome tanned was horrible!

Also at my mailbox yesterday was the Luis Ortega book:

Luis Ortega rawhide artistry

I’ve just flipped through this book and taking a peek at a few of the pictures and it’s amazing to see Ortega’s work!

Yesterday I started work on a six foot Indy Style Bullwhip.  I cut out the two bellies, but that’s all.  I’ve got a full day of performing today, so I don’t expect much more work to get done on it until Monday.


One thought on “More Kangaroo Arrives!

  1. I’ve worked with a white skin from Paul once last year, or was it this year? Anyway, it was very nice leather!


    If you are planing on doing two-tone work with it, be sure to really stretch ALL your strands (not just the white ones) very well a few times, because I used black along with it and the black stretched a lot more than the white during plaiting and I was forced to re-size all the strands part way through the whip because the plaiting kept on spriralling around the whip. I would have thought that the white would stretch more, but it was very stable. Just keep in mind that in order to get the leather white in veg tan, I believe they tan it twice, so the leather itself is tanned differently than your normal colors, which I guess accounts for the difference in stretch…

    Anyway they are lovely hides aren’t they?

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