Side of Hide and More

Side of Hide and More

Yesterday UPS delivered a side of Red Latigo:


This side of Red Latigo is huge!  I was going to try to make some 4 plait bullwhips out of it.  If I do that I’ll probably have to thin it down a bit, it’s pretty thick.

Yesterday I also finished making an 8 foot budget bullwhip:

bull whips

It’s an 8 foot 4 plait leather  and this bullwhip is listed for sale on my IN STOCK whips page.

Finally here are pictures of six stockwhip handles that I got last week from David Morgan.


I had gotten a few of them a few years ago, and tried to get them between then and now, but they were sold out.  While they were going through some old boxed they found some and I took them…They were his last six!

Now I’m off to go sit in traffic on my way to my morning show today.


6 thoughts on “Side of Hide and More

    1. David,

      In theory you could make a bullwhip with a handle of any length, obviously at some point it will get comically long. For a long handle you’d make it basically the same as a short handle, but you might have to adjust the thong a bit….however those orange handle foundations are stock whip handles.


  1. but would you be able to make a whip out of those?
    and how much wpuld it cost for a 6 or a 7 foot. can it be cowhide and 12 plait? i am asking for a friend… he might order one.

    1. David,

      If you are talking about the stockwhip handles, then yes I could make a stock whip from them. I could do it in 12 plait, however it’d be in kangaroo not cowhide. In my opinion it’s not worth doing a whip in 12 plait cowhide because with strands that thin you really can’t pull them as tight as I think a whip should be braided without breaking a ton of strands.


    1. Normally a 6 foot 12 plait roo bullwhipis $407. However I only have six of these 20 inch handles and I got them to use in whips for myself. Once these are gone I can’t get these handles anymore. So I’d add a bit of a “premium” to use the stock whip handle. So for a six foot whip I’d charge $457.

      I’m not positive that I’m willing to use them for a whip for someone else. My plan was to use them to make some high plait count stockwhip handles for me.


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