Back home and back to braiding

Back home and back to braiding

It’s good to be home after the extra long holiday weekend.  I got home yesterday afternoon and in the evening last night I got some plaiting done on a 16 plait bullwhip:


It’s braided to about the first strand drops, and today I should get some work in on it.

Tonight I’m performing at Egan’s Ballard Jam House which is a small music club (seats 43ish) in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

bullwhip show

The first Tuesday of the month they have magic night and I’m the headline act tonight.  Shows are 7 pm and 9 pm, the early show is almost sold out and the last one is half full, so if you are in the Seattle area and would like to check me out visit to learn how to make reservations.

Here’s a picture of a 5.5 foot bullwhip that I made a while ago, but never posted it:


Also after seeing the old snake whips in Idaho City, I really want to try to make one.  I don’t imagine it’d be too hard to make…


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