Long Nose Button Knot

Long Nose Button Knot

Lately I’ve been working on the nose button knot of a bosal that I started making a while ago.  These long knots are a lot of work to make, this will have 12 bights when I’m finished.


I found that while tying the knot using twist ties to hold the strands in place really helped while I was doing the beginning the knot.

While rereading Whips and Whipmaking by David Morgan, he mentions that the long knot can be used to strengthen the transition of a bullwhip.  The knot was used for that in traditional Argentine whips.  Most modern bullwhip makers don’t use a knot to build up the transition of a bullwhip…however Joe Strain in the past has made a couple of unique whips with different plaiting styles at the transition.

Also a few days ago someone posted an article from an old Popular Science magazine about how to make a plaited snake.  You can read the article here.  I happened to have some scrap kicking around that was about the right size so I banged out a quick snake:

plaited snake

And about a week ago I got a new strop in the mail:

oak strop

Hopefully this will help me keep the edge on my blades!


2 thoughts on “Long Nose Button Knot

  1. For the strop: I found that chromium oxide (green) buff compound is the absolute best for keeping hi-carbon blades sharp. It puts a mirror finish on the edge, much better than red or white rouge. It’s getting hard to find though. See if you agree.

    1. Don,

      I’ll have to find the green buff compound. I use the white jewelers rouge. It seems to me that when I was looking online for a strop I saw someone selling the green buff compound.


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