8 foot Indy Bullwhip

8 foot Indy Bullwhip

Right now I’m working on an 8 foot Indy bullwhip.  I had a couple of hides show up yesterday morning from Paul Nolan:

Brandy kangaroo
natural tan kangaroo

The natural tan one is 66dm and that’s the one that I’m using for this Indy Bullwhip.  I trimmed the hide:


The core and wear leather are attached to the handle foundation:

bullwhip core

Then I cut out the bellies and wrist loop:


You’ll see that I have all three parts being cut at the same time, I do that to use up the “ears” of the hide which are very stretchy in one direction and it’s a part I’d usually trim off.  But cutting this way allows me to use the for the yoke of sets.

Here’s all the internal kangaroo parts cut out:


With Easter tomorrow and a full performing schedule today, I don’t think any more work will be done on this bullwhip until Monday.


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