Veg Tanned and Rawhide kangaroo

Veg Tanned and Rawhide kangaroo

Yesterday was package day, and FedEx brought me a couple of kangaroo skins:


The black kangaroo skin has a bit of funny shape to it. If you look at the bottom of the picture you will see the big “scallop” taken out of it.  A lot of the right side of the scallop will probably end up being cut off as I use the kangaroo skin.  So it’s more waste that I’m paying for.

These two kangaroo skins are for an 8 plait bullwhip that will be 6 feet long and two tone.  Then with the leftover roo I’ll probably make a 16 plait bullwhip 6 feet long.

Last night I started work on the 8 plait bullwhip.  I cut out the core:

how to make a bullwhip

And I attached it to the handle foundation.  This bullwhip is being built on a 12 inch spring steel rod.

bullwhip core

Today I should at the very least get both bellies plaited (unless something comes up).

Rawhide Update

I’ve got all my kangaroo rawhide cut into even strips that are ready to be resized whenever I need them:


I also learned a lesson about rawhide while working on my quirt.  At one point my strands had dried out and I had stopped work for the day.  So the next  day I took the whole quirt and cased it for a little while.  When I started work the core had also taken in moisture and swelled.

Well when the plaiting was finished and dried the core shrunk more than the plaiting, so now the plaiting is loose!  Next time I’ll have to rewet the strands with a spray bottle, and carefully case just the strands and not the core.

One thing I did learn is the type of plaiting that I like best with rawhide.  I like the chevron pattern going down the handle.  On the quirt I did several patterns and the chevron’s look the best.  Having made that determination and then looking at a lot of rawhide work I’ve noticed it’s a fairly common pattern with rawhide.


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