5 foot Bullwhip

5 foot Bullwhip

Last night I started work on a 5 foot bullwhip.  I’ve got all of the insides finished:

8 plait bullwhip

This bullwhip will have an 8 plait overlay in black kangaroo.  I’m out of black kangaroo and ordered a skin from Paul Nolan for this whip, and hopefully it will arrive Saturday and the whip will be ready to ship out on Monday.

Since I’m out of black roo right now, this bullwhip’s plaited belly is from red kangaroo.  The color of the inside doesn’t really matter because you can’t see it from the outside!


2 thoughts on “5 foot Bullwhip

    1. David,

      That’s a bunch of Polypro that I measured out and cut, but haven’t had the time to make into crackers. There’s probably 30 or 40 crackers cut out. Honestly I should just spend half an hour twisting them and be one with them…but honestly I’d rather be plaiting that making crackers!


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