Bullwhip Progress…

Bullwhip Progress…

Today I managed to get a little bit of work in on the 12 foot Indy Bullwhip:

Indy bullwhip

I’ve got about four feet of this whip finished.  I think I’m spending more time untangling the ends than I’m spending braiding.

Today I got a couple of fun things in the mail:

Bullwhip crackers
100 crackers
Artifical Sinew

Also today I met up with a Whip Enthusiasts group and got to meet some cool people and crack some interesting whips.  There were several very old Jacka whips that I think are very light compared to my 8 foot, but fun to crack.  I also got to crack some of Joe Wheeler’s whips and meet him.


2 thoughts on “Bullwhip Progress…

  1. Hey Louie,

    I am very curious about Joe Wheeler’s whips, since I have yet to see one in person. What did you think of them? I was told he is mainly into the BSDM market. Did you have the chance to see any of his long lashed whips? i.e. Indy style and similar.

    His website has been online for some time now, but he has yet to upload some photos of his work.



    1. Bernardo,

      I only got to see a couple of signal whips. One was a 24 plait 4 foot signal whip and I don’t remember the plait count of the other one but it was 4 feet.

      I was hoping to see his Indy whip, but didn’t.


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