More Strand Drop stuff

More Strand Drop stuff

A few days ago I posted how I currently do my strand drops and there is something that I should clarify because of the number of emails I’ve gotten.

When I drop strands I DO NOT remove any of the filler when I drop the first two strands.  The wider diameter of the bullwhip at that point hides any bump.  Also I drop my first two strands at the end of the longest plaited belly, the diameter of the whip is already decreasing at that point, removing anything would give you a huge drop in the whips diameter.

Also for what it’s worth I usually drop two strands a the same time, one from the front of the whip and one from the back.

Also my way is not the only way to do it, or necessarily the best way…but it’s the way that I currently do it.

Bernardo Del Carpio wrote a good comment on my Strand Drop post:


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