When I’m binding layers on the handle of my bullwhips I use Artificial Sinew.  I’ve found that there are a lot of different kinds of it.  Some is more round, some is more plasticy, some is more flat.

When using the Artificial Sinew inside of the handle of thong of the whip you need it to lay flat, so you’d need either a very thin round Artifical Sinew or for it to be flat.  Personally I use the flat kind (I don’t know it’s technical name, so I’m calling it flat).  The problem with using a thin round sinew is that you’d sacrifice strength for thinness.

I just had a roll of Artificial sinew show up in the mail today:

sinew for bullwhip making

I don’t like the stuff that my local Tandy leatherfactory sells, it’s very yellow in color and not very strong.  I think the stuff that I just got is 70# and it holds up well to how tightly I bind my handles.  In the past I’ve used the stuff from tandy and I was breaking it a lot.  The stuff I currently use I have to order over the internet…so I have to pay attention to when I’m running low.

In the past I’ve used the thicker round artificial sinew for building up knots.  In my opinion that’s all it’s good for, if you use it to bind down a bolster it will add texture or bulk to the whip.

Reb Russell

I found this cool picture of Reb Russell today on the internet:

bullwhips on horse back

I don’t know much about him, but it’s a cool picture.  I found this picture on Dick Dykes website.

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