Nylon Crackers

Nylon Crackers

I just had a ton of nylon crackers arrive:

nylon crackers

The person that made these for me makes them for one of the top whipmakers and also for one of the top whip sellers in the USA.

Personally the two whip making jobs that I like the least are making falls and making crackers.  I’m very glad that I found someone to make crackers for me.  Now I just need someone to make falls for me…

Since I just had a ton of these come in, the Whip Deal of the Day (for 12/12/09 only) is 33% off all crackers; nylon or polypro.


8 thoughts on “Nylon Crackers

    1. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say who made them publicly. They only sell the whip crackers in large wholesale lots. If you are interested in 100+ crackers let me know and I’ll email her. You might need a “resale permit” or whatever the canadian wholesale business permit is.

      If you are interested use the my contact page and I’ll email her.


  1. and i have just another question,when you make crackers you use a weighted hook. where did you get the hook. i ended up makeing my own

    1. I learned to make whip crackers with the weighted hook from Paul Stenhouse (who tweaked David Moran’s method). Basically it’s a hook that screwed into a lead diving weight.


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