16 plait bullwhip progress…

16 plait bullwhip progress…

Right now I’m at about the five foot mark of this six foot bullwhip:

long handle bullwhip

I’m getting ready to do the final strand drops from 10 plait to 8 plait.  One thing about a 16 plait bullwhip is that the strand drops seem a bit easier because you aren’t adding much bulk to the inside of the bullwhip because of the strands are a bit thinner.

I really like doing the 16 plait, even if it feels like a lot more work than 12 plait.  I think it gives the whip a sleeker look with the thinner strands.  My next project is going to be a pair of bullwhips in red kangaroo and I’ll probably do those in 16 plait!

This week is a busy performing week for me (the week before Halloween), so this bullwhip has taken a lot longer to make than it would normally take me.


2 thoughts on “16 plait bullwhip progress…

  1. Hi Louie,
    this isn’t so much about this particular whip but a general question;

    I see you hook your set keeper on your work hook by passing the hook through two holes near the butt end of the whip. I’ve seen many whipmakers work this way, but when I try it, I always end up tearing the holes right through to the end of the keeper! How do you do it without tearing anything? This only works for me if I clamp the keeper in a vise or if I only use minimal force in the pull, which isn’t nearly enough of a pull for whipmaking.


    1. Franco,

      I use 3 holes, on at each end of the yoke and one in the middle. The hook goes through the end holes first, then the middle (hope that makes sense). I still rip through the holes on occasion. I’ve found that I rarely rip through the holes when using kangaroo hides from Packer. If I’m using roo hides from other tanneries I tend to rip through more often. when using non-packer roo skins I grease the yoke a bit before I put it on the hook, that seems to help prevent tearing.

      You’ll notice on a smaller hook to the right of my main hook is a loop of black kangaroo lace. That’s what I use to hold the whip if the yoke tears.


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