16 plait bullwhip

16 plait bullwhip

Right now I’m working on a six foot 16 plait Australian style bullwhip.  It’s got a 12 inch spring steel handle, I’m using a thicker spring steel than I used to use, so there is less flex to the handle and more weight.

I’ve got the insides of the bullwhip finished and I’m working on the overlay now.  Here’s the finished handle:

Australian bullwhip


Currently I have about 2 feet of this bullwhip.  It has the zig zag plaiting on the handle, then it goes to a six seam (chevrons) at the transition and regular four seam (whip maker’s plait) for the thong.

Doing different patterns feels like a lot more work than doing 12 plait…but I think it just feels that way.  My hands have the muscle memory for 12 plait work, with this bullwhip I have to keep going back to fix misplaits from my hands wanting to braid it like a 12 plait bullwhip.


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