Goat Hide Bullwhip…

Goat Hide Bullwhip…

Last night I started working on a bullwhip made from Veg Tanned Goat Hide.  I’ve never worked with goat before, so this a fun project for me.  I’ve got enough goat hide to make three bullwhips that are entirely from the goat hide (core, belly, bolster, overlay).

The nice thing about the goat hides is that they are about the same size and a kangaroo skin (5-7 square feet), so for the most part I can look at the hide and know how much whip I can make out of it.

The one thing that I’ve notice about the goat so far (I’ve cut out the core, belly and boslter) is that the outside of the hide is very stretchy.  When I cut the belly I had to do the strands very wide to make up for the stretch.   I did like how the leather felt “softer” than cowhide, so I’m hoping that will translate into it braiding easily.

The goal with the goat hide is to be able to make an 8 plait beginners bullwhip that will sell for about $200.  Since the general length of bullwhip that’s suggested for beginners is between 6 and 8 feet, I’m planning on making these 7 foot bullwhips.

Also since the goat hide is natural tan in color these beginners bullwhips will have an Indiana Jones look to them.  I still need to finish braiding the 10 foot whip I’m working on, but with a bit of luck I might be able to get on of these beginners bullwhips finished.


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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in a beginning whip. I am not proficient enough where a more expensive whip would be worthwhile, but I enjoy practicing with it. My stock whip is old and frayed from long use, and I shall be in the market for a new whip soon. Let me know when you finish these goat whips. Good day.

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