Snake Whip Progress…

Snake Whip Progress…

Right now my project is a 12 plait 5 foot snake whip.  Last night I got more work done that I thought I was going to do.  I made and filled the shot bag, cut out the wrist loop, cut out the belly and did all the strand prep.

snake whips shot loaded core

A while ago I used to make my shot bags with the grain side of the leather out.  After talking to a lot of people and experimenting I switched to making them with the grain side of the leather inside.  There are a few of reasons for making the switch:

1. The grain side is smoother and you can pack the shot in tighter.  I got this tip from David Morgan.

2. Since the grain side of the leather is less stretchy than the flesh side, by rolling it inside you get a better fit to the bag.

3.  I think the binding will hold in place better when wrapped around the flesh side of the  shot bag because of the texture giving it more grip.  In theory that will reduce the chance of the shot bag breaking inside the whip over time.

Later today hopefully I’ll find the time today to plait the belly and put on the bolster to the snakewhip.


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